Photography Masterclass

Students were given the opportunity to attend a photography masterclass, given by Berkeley Castle’s volunteer photographers, Graham and Julie Harris. This husband and wife duo broke down the basic principles of photography and gave guidance to anyone looking for inspiration behind the lens.

Graham and Julie are locals, living only a stone’s throw away from the castle and the dig site. Aside from regular work for Berkeley Castle, they photograph for local charitable events and follow their own passions. Both are retired and use photography as a way to keep themselves busy in their later years. An inspiration for anyone planning for their golden years!

“It stops us getting rusty, it’s a great hobby!”
After covering the technical side of camera work, they talked us through what makes a great photograph and how to compose your subject matter.

These are their top tips!
  • Each photograph should tell a story! Looking at a photograph can be like reading a book. Complex, interesting compositions make you consider what’s going on in frame. Putting your subject in center frame doesn’t make for a compelling story!
  • Photographs are emotional! Feelings surrounding the photograph are reflected in the image. Creating an emotional bond with your subject is important as it makes a more interesting final product.
  • Be as unobtrusive as possible! Like a scientist observing their experiment, Graham thinks that the subject should speak for itself. He isn’t a fan of posing, so no selfies for this one!
  • Always consider your audience! Who are you taking the photograph for? What makes them tick! There’s no such thing as a true photograph, it all depends who’s looking at it.
  • Follow your passion! This is paramount, if you’re not interested, the photographs will show it!

Julie and Graham will be dropping by the dig over the next few weeks. We’re excited to see what these photography aficionados come up with!

Thanks so much to Julie and Graham!