Bristol takes Berkeley, day one

This Monday saw the return of the University of Bristol's Archaeology and Anthropology Department to their annual dig at Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire. We were greeted by glorious weather in the morning (read: rain) and even more glorious traffic! Once at site, everyone got around to unloading all of the equipment from the land rovers.

Image 1: Phil Rowe and student unloading empty boxes. Archaeology.

The first years, however, got a lovely talk and tour courtesy of our site director Dr Stuart Prior and were in the trench in the afternoon. One first year, Catalina, said that they really enjoyed the history of the site and thought that it was great that she was able to excavate on a history-rich piece of land. 

Image 2: Our first years taking the tour of where they will spend two weeks of their life.

After lunch, the sun came out and the struggles with the tent began. We experienced 20mph winds - with forecasts as high as 40mph for tomorrow - and our poor tent struggled to cope. It had to be reassembled in the afternoon. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the tent got knocked over by the wind and we are now tent-less.

Images 3 and 4: The struggles with the tent 2k15.

Notable finds for today include this jawbone of an unidentified animal (we think it's a pig) among other bones found by second year Hannah.

Image 5: Hannah and all the bones that she found.

We have a brand spanking new trench this year that is being worked on by our masters students on the castle grounds - for short we are calling this the 'MA trench'. They are looking for some foundations to prove a conspiracy theory regarding one of the towers of the castle.
Image 6: the MA trench.

Check back later this week for more at Berkeley!