Bank Holiday Bonanza

A smaller group than usual hopped into the archaeology land-rovers this morning, hyped up on Bank Holiday coffee, and headed towards Berkeley Castle.
Bank Holiday Engagement Team selfie!
2nd year, Beavis, armed with his ranging pole pointer, and 1st year Catalina, led four tours throughout the day to town members and paying visitors to the castle. These tours were a great success, enjoyed by almost 60 people, including a number of finely dressed young princesses and Robin Hoods (the Castle provided costumes for children).
Visitors were invited to visit to join free tours of the large paddock trench.
We spoke to one high street resident:
“I just know the basic school stuff so it’s great to have the opportunity to have a closer look. Because, I mean, we know you work here… but it’s amazing to see what you’re actually doing. Very much enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to when you’ve discovered a little bit more. So hopefully you’ll give us an opportunity to come once again!"
A local shop owner was also delighted with the tour adding: "Very interesting talk by the #DigBerkeley team today! Soooo much history in one trench!!!"

Artefact handling was another popular activity enjoyed by the community. Emily Glass, and student lead, Joe, showed the visitors tiny strap ends, whet stones, a bone gaming token and figurines. One visitor viewing a dagger handle piece was surprised by the “lot of work and a lot of time for such a little item!”.
The public were invited to handle real archaeological artefacts on site, right where they were excavated!
We also finished up our artefact trays for the Town Museum project display. As we write, the team are dropping trays and information sheets door to door to around twenty community participants. More updates on that soon!
Artefacts are hidden under information sheets, ready for final preps before going on display in the community's windows.
Thanks to Berkeley Castle, as ever, for supporting all of our efforts!