20 Questions Series

Our engagement team has interviewed the Site Supervisors, Emily Glass and Sian Thomas, Co-Directors, Stuart Prior and Mark Horton, and Site Field Technician Phil Rowe. Each member of the team was asked the same 20 questions and here are their answers.

1) What’s your favourite colour?
Phil – Blue
Stuart - Green

2) If you were a number what would you be?
Phil - 3
Stuart – 13 or 23

3) What’s your favourite animal?
Phil - Tiger
Stuart - Wolf

4) What’s your favourite sandwich filling?
Phil – Beef and horseradish
Stuart – Coronation chicken

5) Which superhero would make the best archaeologist?
Phil – Batman
Stuart – Superman because of his x-ray vision

6) What would your theme song be?
Phil – Always look on the bright side of life
Stuart – Spacelord by monster magnet

7) Cheese or chocolate?
Phil - Cheese
Stuart - Chocolate

8) Favourite takeaway?
Phil - Indian
Stuart - Indian

9) Famous person you’d like to meet dead or alive?
Phil – Douglas Hague
Stuart – William the Conqueror or Boudicca

10) If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Phil - Moon
Stuart – Ride route 66

11) Go to karaoke song?
Phil – My Delilah
Stuart - Freebird

12) What was the first thing you thought of this morning?
Phil – How much I love my wife
Stuart – Berkeley excavations

13) What would you take on a one way trip to Mars?
Phil – Photo album
Stuart – iPhone for music

14) Last movie you saw?
Phil – Woman in Black
Stuart - Footloose

15) Advice for wannabee archaeologists?
Phil – Follow your dreams
Stuart – Be determined

16) North or South?
Phil - South
Stuart - North

17) Cake or pizza?
Phil - Cake
Stuart - Cake

18) What’s your favourite season?
Phil – Spring
Stuart - Winter

19) Last book you read?
Phil – The unknown warrior
Stuart – The world of ice and fire

20) Worst subject at school?
Phil – Design Technology
Stuart - Maths

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