The Big Bristol Berkeley quiz!

This quiz is a chance for you to test your knowledge about Berkeley Castle, the Jenner Museum and the excavation in general. Highlight under the question to see the answer, no cheating though! Please comment below to tell us your score, we would love to know.

1.       Which king was imprisoned and reputedly murdered at Berkeley Castle in 1327?
        Edward II
a.      Allegedly how was it believed he was killed?
       A red hot poker inserted into his rear
b.      And where is he buried?
       Gloucester Cathedrale

2.       Whose bed-spread is on display in the china room in the castle?
        Elizabeth I

3.       What rare animal tusk is on display in Berkeley Castle?

4.       What is the original meaning of the word dungeon (in its French form)?
        The keep of the castle

5.       How many medieval documents does the castle archives hold?

6.       How many hounds are there in the Berkeley Hunt Kennels?

7.     Name this building...

Temple of vaccina

8.     Dr. Edward Jenner pioneered a vaccination against what disease?
a.       What disease did he use to his advantage?

9.       What was the name of the local boy Dr. Edward Jenner infected in order to discover vaccination?
        James Phipps

10.       What was the name of the dairymaid who gave Dr. Edward Jenner the idea for vaccination?
        Sarah Nelmes

11.   What was Dr. Stuart Prior’s (Site Director) occupation before becoming an Archaeologist?

12.   Name one Archaeological television series was Mark Horton (Site Director) involved in the creation of?
      Time Team, Bonekickers, Time Flyers, Coast...

12.   What is the standardised size for an archaeological trowel?
       4.5 inches

13. What is a nighthawk?
      An unauthorised metal-detectorist