Back in Berkeley - Stuart Prior returns

The last eighteen months were challenging for co-Director Stuart Prior. Last year, he was struck by a serious infection that attacked his brain and hospitilised him for an extended period. After operations, physio-therapy sessions, and bucket loads of determination, he was finally able to rejoin the project once more this season.

On the first day of the project, he lead our new students on a tour of the Castle and grounds, explaining why he is so fascinated by Berkeley.

Stuart spoke with the Engagement Team about his recent health challenges:
I was diagnosed with ADEM – swelling of the brain – it’s quite rare. I didn’t realise how bad I was, nobody told me at the time how rare it was. They don’t want to tell you these things, so I didn’t know if I would survive, I didn’t know if I could go back to work. 
At one point, they said that I might basically be permanently disabled, I might never be able to drive again, I might never be able to speak again. At one point I couldn’t even feed myself. So it was pretty scary. 
Today is a milestone for me. I’m actually back at work and back at Berkeley so it means a lot to me.
All our staff and students were delighted to welcome Stuart back to site. He is an inspiration to the whole team!

More about Dr Stuart Prior
Senior Teaching Fellow in Archaeological Practice
Stuart's research focuses primarily on Early Medieval and Medieval Archaeology and Castle Studies, whilst his teaching focuses mainly on Archaeological Practice and Landscape Archaeology. He also has research interests in Ancient Technology, Warfare and Experimental Archaeology, and a professional interest in Archaeological Health and Safety and Professional Practice.
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